Jul 5, 2012

Nasi Lemak

It is unity.
A sensual outburst;
fuming essences out of rain-forests,
harvesting in hungry plates,
engulfing courses drowned in taste.
Scrunched to be crunched
in knotted pandan potlis
flavourfully divine,
seams revolving in variations
blend one, with the one-eyed ova moon –
the wild aromatic nasi
paled hot by saucy spices,
evidences of the sea at its periphery.
Ikans swimming into a spoonful
the wandering remnant, burnt
with hot sambal
hardly cooled by sliced cucumber.
and yet the tongue salivates for more.
This bungkused kaleidoscope,
has pagi brunches transformed
into visions of a fulfilling malam.
Saving any remaining appetite,
for a peaceful retirement in a cozy office chair.

Rajashree Anand

'pandan' - a palm-like, aromatic leaf used in Malay cuisine
'nasi' - rice
'ikan' - fish
'sambal' - a hot sauce made by crushing red chillies; served with rice
'bungkus' - packed for take-away
'pagi' - morning
'malam' - night

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