Dec 21, 2011

Dear Paati

(RIP: Mrs. Ranganayaki Jagannathan)
Anand's Paternal Grandma
20th December, 2011

In the gleam of your kohl bespectacled eyes
was a glint of mischief,
a joyful smirk to grandpa’s banter.

In your words, the sweetness
of the kin you fed dearly,
with plentiful sweets and savories.

In your actions, the purity
of every heartfelt emotion
and stubborn love radiated.

Before the wake of every busy dawn,
In the rumbles of tumblers and plates,
the chambers of seeking stomachs
yearned to be fed.

But at dusk, in a bid of farewell, 
In the rumbles of tumblers and plates,
we maybe quenched, nourished and content

but we seek your irreplaceable presence.
we love you and thank you
for all that you’ve done, forever.


Vijaay Krishnaswamy said...

A beautiful post Thanks Rajshree. God Bless. Krishnaswamy & Family

Rajashree Anand said...

Thanks bhaiyya.