Nov 30, 2011

Tinsel Hope

I hid in a stocking that Christmas Eve party,
right by the mistletoe,
eyed kids lapping stripey candy pops
watched sparkling wine flow.

I made snowflakes from wasted wrapping sheets
cleaned sauce off her dirty stair.
little morsels of fruit and wine,
I wiped them fair and square.

While I tidied her delicious cutlery,
I watched her guests and Lucy prance,
and joined them in their merry cheer
and on her gifts, did a drunken dance.

I swung on the Xmas branches
and toyed with the fairy’s wand
but skipped on a disco electric ball
and thud! I fell, to the ground.

While Lucy and her guests sang
I lay in writhing pain,
“Christ the Savior… ! A RAT!! A RAT!” I heard,
I prayed I wouldn’t be slain.

I woke up to a bright Christmas morn
saw angel-white snowflakes fall,
dizzy from last night’s ordeal,
little could I even recall.

I wasn’t in my icy trashyard
or the dark, sinewy bin,
I felt my head on a scrunchy bed,
by a spinning wheel and a corn-filled tin!

So, I believe in this fest of togetherness,
in hymns of glorious oracles,
of forgivers and selfless saviours like Lucy 
and tinsel-wrapped divine miracles!

Rajashree Anand

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