Nov 3, 2011

Replenished - ( after a trip to Langkawi)

Feed me, where islets of fecund earth,
rise from the sea like green straw mushrooms
grilled by the orange sun,
and seasoned by wild waves, saline.

Quench me, with pure mineral water,
the glistening mirror of the eternal thirst
to be one with my wandering soul,
entangled in flighty memories.

Purify me, bathe away guilty imprints
remnants of a futile past ,
to dissolve in the white sands of time
and cleanse my future journeys.

Natural mother, you for eons of years
have only nurtured, rocked
and put me to blissful sleep
only to renew and rejuvenate
and seek you forever.


Preeti said...

Beautiful one Rajashree..Didnt know that Langkawi could inspire such poetry..:)

Rajashree Anand said...

Thanks! Travel truly broadens the mind ...