Aug 5, 2011

Being Lost and Found

I found relief in that altered moment,
when the arid, yellow course
caved, into greener woods.
I crushed the violent undergrowth
in a leap; to forbid silence,  
and grew fruition in zealous cheers.

In wonderment,
‘How, why, does my memory fade me?’
 I questioned.
I had led many through that crag,
planted seeds of incentive,
at broken ankles - twisted trials on trails.
But, alone that day,
momentarily untried, I stood:
in unknown knowledge,
(despite my many revisitations!)
of the transient wilderness,
Nature’s deceptive mischief.

In studied skill,
mastered over years of arduous treks,
I accepted the challenge, trudged forward still.
I lashed through weathered, wild cacti:
the snares of bewilderment,
 to find the rugged cliff’s end.
I peered not far down:
at the lush, re-learned knowledge
and rejoiced, in a mighty leap of celebration.
I bade that moment a proud farewell
and continued to seek pristine paths
laid to be grubbed;
relieved in new visions of confidence
but waiting to be tested again,
and yet again.

Rajashree Anand

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