Mar 29, 2011

Viewer’s Choice

Gallons of messages
coded streams of data,
in planned
expanding our capacity
to sponge more and store.
With every click, the mind
makes readymade choices.

Rarely frugal:  these fluctuations
are plainly practiced by overuse.
Fingers wander on pluses and minuses,
focusing on that one infinite option
justifying dislike and shuffling on
back                                     forth,
blanking in and                       out
for vague seconds,
uncontrolled levels of sound
screeching like broken records
in di    a    logs a   nd    di    ale    cts.
The tedious labour of thumbs,
never settling for a minutes rest,
till the grey battery gets recharged.

Consumed, these replenished seekers,
begin to detect an alien force,
driving thought in opinion
ads, stereotypes….
like bombarding magic bullets,
creating an illusion of your control,
only to make you realise later,
that you aren’t --
simply because IT is.

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