Nov 27, 2010

When Life Beckons

Published in Muse India: Issue 36 Mar - Apr 2011

I soar like an albatross,
eastward ; where vacant archipelagos 
and inflated magma chambers,
spew fecundity with confidence. 


I gravitate to forgotten heritage sites,
And discover forsaken villages.
I expedite to catch the sunset view,
of man-made and natural wonders.


I dive into depths of severe oceans,
For hidden mysteries to uncover, 
Breathless: I shiver, to feel my carnal predators 
in thrilling close encounters.


I test vertical limits of physical tolerance,
And free-fall with peregrine precision,
I trick gravity and launch my chute
Before raging adrenaline gives in.


In search of my inner oblivion
I migrate to scour new terrains.
I canvass untreaded, forlorn paths
only to feel, share and experience.   


As I backpack on aimless traveller trails
discovering and unlearning fiction,
I spurn fear and embolden the mind, 
to continue on the next exciting mission.



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