Oct 28, 2010

A Matter of Fact!

Published in Muse India: Issue 36 Mar - Apr 2011

One seeks to discover meaning,
in twice-removed subtleties of life,  
through a skilful mining of morphed metaphors,
while decoding the quaint and rife.  

Sceptics argue in eloquent prose
or justify emboldened strategies,
vague belief becomes an approved truth
and we nod in hidden anomalies.

‘The universally acknowledged truth’:
was Austen’s reflection on Victorian mind,
the mighty scabs on the fairer sex,
were to empower womankind.

But Freuds ruthless theories,
caved in on Feminist afterthought
and Ptolemy’s skewed notion of the universe
changed man’s own focal plot.

In this human quest to seek clarity
How far can we trust any source?
Its but natural to find subjectivity and doubt
weaved in an answer’s arduous course.

Rajashree Anand

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