Aug 30, 2010

His Muse

Strained by frustrating forgetfulness
he shakes his ink pen & wants to write.
He waits for his muse to appear,
but nowhere is he in sight.

Without his fugitive sprite
no words can be lucid or clear,
so he curses his pen :“I said write!”
to budge his stubborn reflexes.

Has insomnia got him too?
Why does he nowadays abscond?
He blinks at his ancient fingers,
and sighs at his fading bond.

But there in his memory far & beyond
that slighting elf slithers,
he dances with that hideous blonde
in Hitchcock’s bemusing clues! 

Rajashree Anand

(An old man / poet wants to write a poem. But, his inspiration/idea/muse leaves him and he finally finds it.)
Rhyme scheme : ABCB BCBA.... 

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