Nov 26, 2009

"Guru of Penance" - Preface : Aide-Memoire

A random reflection transformed into a rivulet of metaphors and analogies. My pen jotted, deliberated while I thought and decided. "Blank verse it will be.The beauty of  poetry can be simply lost in rhyming lines".
   I have no specific inspiration, but mere thoughts of a moment in fictional time or space, real in every minute's instance. The poem's setting reveals the internal inevitability of the mind. The rain pours down - the inevitable - while the mind searches for decisive results, (in this case self-realisation) which is delivered through the harsh reality of penance. 
   My attempt here, is not to help read the poem. True art should be explicated in numerous ways. But, I want my illustration of  the stolid penitent to be treated as universal. The momentary consciousness could be that of any human mortal mind, which at some point realises the consequences of the actions of the past. 
   That is the driving force, the road to self- forgiveness. My protagonist is forgiven, not probably in our eyes, but in his own. That is his reward. That is subconsciously what each one of us wants to achieve in our lifetime. 
Enjoy Reading! 
Rajashree Anand

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