Jul 28, 2007

Blissful Touch

Your most tender-leaf touches
And peppermint stings,
Feather my tummy
As dinner approaches.

Your playful nudges
Do wonders to my belly,
Makes me want to touch
And feel you close to me.

If your mystique existence
Can affect me so,
What your actual presence can bring for me,
Is a feeling I’d love to know.

Now your fingers must be
Hardly a little inch.
Your eyes still shut inside,
But aware of every pinch.

You kick to your hearts content,
And squirm inside mummys cot,
While you prepare yourself to meet us all,
You’ll fight your little way out.

Oh tender, cute and sweetest love-
Mummy’s gentle hand can you feel?
As I place my arm on my belly
After a heavy meal?

Can you hear my gentle melodies,
Or the lullabies that daddy whispers?
Tell me with a nudge or a little kick
Is it dad’s or my  song you prefer!

Mum and dad wait day after day.
To hold you in their arms
As they dote with rose-colored eyes at you
Or relish your baby charms.

Our bundle of joy, our absolute wonder
Our sweetheart you will be,
You’ll be showered with love and affection
Which on our faces you’ll see.

Every smallest movement now you make,
Every steady inner clutch
Its your presence that will be felt always,
With that small, yet blissful touch.

Rajashree Anand


kamakshi said...

hi dis s aarti's cousin. i luved ur poem(blissful touch).it really touched my heart....

Rajashree Anand said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked it.